i-Store Sathorn One, Premium Condominium for your belongings

Yes, You hear it correctly! i-Store Sathorn One is a condominium for your belongings with many storage sizes and many floors to keep on non living items only. The concept is similar to renting a condo room for the belongings with service agreement contract and security one month deposit. Customers can extend the contract monthly or yearly, and after the check in, customers can access the storage unit 24/7 


Many of you might have an experience of using self storage in other countries, and are familiar with self storage that looks like a medium-size warehouse or those inside office buildings which doesn’t focus on the design and decoration. On the other hand, i-Store Self Storage has our own premium service standard plus with the prime storage location of i-Store Sathorn One which is located in Sathorn Soi 1 with many of the residential buildings and office buildings. i-Store Sathorn One is designed to be outstanding combining the architecture of condominium and office building all together with the concept of “We Give You More Spaces”. The total design is luxurious and warm, as the location has the sense of comfort, spaciousness and warmth which represents the sincereness of our service at the same time. 

We differentiate in our service and are detail oriented to create a better experience for our customers. i-Store Sathorn One passes the value and trust to our customers through the design of the building and decorations. It might be just the rental for your belongings, but the beauty of i-Store Sathorn One is more than just storage. This is no different from the valuable items that customers bring to store at the i-Store Sathorn One. If you just use the same feelings in deciding to buy or rent a condo because it has a convenient location, beautiful design and decoration with a complete facilities Things that you bring and keep, felt the same way.