Storage Asia Public Company Limited was founded by Mr. Pakdee Anivat (CEO), who has been passionate about the real estate sector for over a decade. Mr. Pakdee decided to enter the self-storage industry in 2015 as he saw shifting market demands driven by a continual increase in population density along with changes in people’s behavior in Bangkok and other large cities across Thailand.

          Having observed the continual demand for storage space, especially for self-storage in countries, such as, England, The United States of America, Australia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, he was able to deduce that with people in these countries live similar lifestyle as Thais and that people are lacking space and living in smaller condos around the world.

          Maximizing space can be a problem for those who have a lot of belongings, not to mention foreigners looking to move to Thailand. These led to the creation of i-Store Self Storage goal of solving customers’ problem with having limited space at home by increasing their living area. Customers can keep what is rarely used, where they can access 24 hours. Self-storage also assists online entrepreneur looking for a place to store their stock that is also easily accessible.

          After i-Store Self Storage Silom opened, the occupancy rate increased up to 40% within 7 months (the occupancy rate is now 95%). Similar to i-Store Self Storage Sukhumvit 24, the occupancy rate is now 95%.

          With our experience and goals, we believe that the development of the self storage business will continue to grow in line with change in people’s behavior in urban area. We plan to expand our services to other major cities across Thailand, with a focus on cities with large expat and foreign community. We aim to create and develop innovation to increase living space for people living in the city as our purpose is “Increasing Space for Urban Life”.